Hang-Up Own Art

Buy art with an interest free loan

It's really straightforward, and allows you to buy the art that you want with a £2,500 loan to either cover, or go towards the cost of the work. There is no interest to pay and you pay the loan over a 10 month period in monthly instalments. The best thing is that you'll never be paying more than the advertised price.

Most works with Hang-Up are eligible and carry the Own Art symbol to ensure that they are easily identifiable. We have been a member of the Own Art for over three years and have many happy clients who have added to their collection by using the scheme. We are processing an increasing number of applications every day so if you want to own art now, and pay later, then get on board. There genuinely is no catch, you just need to be a UK resident over the age of 18.

How it works

  1. Choose an artwork
  2. Look for the Own Art logo and fill in the quick application form
  3. Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance (HCCF) will email you a link to complete the loan application online
  4. HCCF let us know if the loan has been approved
  5. We send the artwork to you within 14 days
  6. Enjoy your art while paying your monthly instalments
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