How important is the condition of the artwork with Banksy ?

Condition is very important and should certainly be a key factor when purchasing Banksy works.All Banksy works sold with Hang-Up are condition checked and we are fully transparent with our clients.

Only 12 years ago Banksy prints were sold for less than £100 and not all were handled with the care and attention that one would expect today. For some prints this can add to the history as it creates a back story and a signature smudge or a screen over running adds to the individuality of the print. For others it can be problematic and affect value. If there are tears, creases, smudges, handling marks corner damage, restoration damage etc we will flag this up and advise accordingly.  

Cheap frames and non archival materials can reap havoc with artworks particularly with mounts staining the artwork.







At Hang-Up all the Banksy prints we sell are thoroughly condition checked 


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