ANTHROPOLOGY From the Greek ánthrōpos (ἄνθρωπος, "human") and lógos (λόγος, "study") - The comparative study of human societies and cultures and their development. - The Science of human zoology, evolution and ecology. 
Master of the biro drawing Mark Powell returns to Hang-Up Gallery in March with his new solo show Anthropology. The exhibition will feature an exclusive collection of original pen and ink drawings, as well as a selection of limited edition print releases in collaboration with London’s prestigious publisher Jealous Gallery.   Known internationally for his beautifully intricate biro drawings of the elderly and endangered species executed on found material, Powell is back with a fresh body of work that visually documents his recent travels from across the globe. By deeply immersing himself in new cultures and experiences Powell has expanded his visual vocabulary.   For the first time, Hang-Up will be revealing the artists new direction of still life objects. Vintage cameras, used typewriters and discarded leather boots hint at the untold stories of their forgotten owners, and remind us of the inevitability of time’s passing.        



Mark Powell Mark Powell

London-based artist Mark Powell reuses old envelopes as canvases to produce incredible drawings. His sketches are made using only a Biro pen, and they often incorporate original stamps and postage marks. By recycling the envelopes, he is in some way preserving a bit of history and the tales behind the sender. He says this is why his work, which is primarily portraiture, focuses on older characters that appear to tell their own stories from the very creases and wrinkles of their faces. Powell’s portraits are amusing in the way they incorporate the lines and postage stamps of the envelopes into the wrinkles and shading of each distinct face. Each portrait becomes as much about the canvas as it is about the person depicted, adding another layer to examine as the viewer gets lost in the eyes of the subject.

Hang-Up Gallery Launch

Hang-Up Gallery Launch

KAWS, Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers, Banksy, Katherine Bernhardt, Nancy Fouts and many more

29 Nov – 29 Jan 2020



Celebrating Ten Years of Hang-Up Gallery. Banksy, Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers, Sir Peter Blake, kennardphillipps, Oddly Head, Lauren Baker, Joe Webb, Johnathan Reiner and Mark Powell

23 Jun – 2 Sep 2018



by Kieran Collins


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