Hang-Up Gallery are proud to present Dog Days : this season’s most engaging group exhibition showcasing a unique blend of freshly created artworks from 16 of Hang-Up’s leading body of contemporary and urban artists. State of the art limited edition prints and original releases in various mediums have been created exclusively for the highly anticipated show that will open 24 July 2015. Hang-Up are thrilled to announce that for the very first time, they will be publishing a limited edition release from the hugely talented Street Artist David de La Mano. The gallery has teamed up with the respected Brixton based Hardground Printmakers to release the stunning ‘El Hoyo’. Based on one of the artist’s most sought after originals, the carefully crafted two colour screen print in a limited edition of 50 will be released on the exhibition opening night. The dog days are not over just yet, so in keeping with the spirit of Summer, Hang-Up will be giving away a handful of the limited edition prints by one of the major exhibiting artists at the launch night. Speak with gallery staff on the night for details.



Takashi Murakami Takashi Murakami

A lightning rod between different cultural valencies, Takashi Murakami has stated that the artist is someone who understands the borders between worlds and who makes an effort to know them. With his distinctive "Superflat" style and ethos, which employs highly refined classical Japanese painting techniques to depict a super-charged mix of Pop, animé and otaku content, he moves freely within an ever-expanding field of aesthetic issues and cultural inspirations. Parallel to utopian and dystopian themes, he recollects and revitalizes narratives of transcendence and enlightenment. Mining religious and secular subjects favoured by the so-called Japanese "eccentrics", Murakami situates himself within their legacy of bold and lively individualism in a manner that is entirely his own and of his time.



by Kieran Collins


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