Hang-Up Gallery is proud to present their upcoming exhibition entitled Adrift, the inaugural London exhibition by acclaimed Spanish Street Artist David de la Mano. The multi-faceted exhibition will showcase the artist’s brand new collection of acrylic, coffee and inks on canvas and paper. The artist’s monochromic murals that can be found across the globe will be brought from the streets into the gallery, where the walls will be painted from floor to ceiling in his distinctive poetic style. In a world of those forced to flee, of poverty, of war and violence, David de la Mano paints his haunting figures as shadows looking for their place in the world. All united, they are travelling to a destination unknown. Boats with broken sails and women with animal heads drift without direction but are all linked by an uncertain journey. Adrift portrays the anonymous epic of travelling on a rough ship, or passing through reinforced wire fences - all characteristics of the current fear of some nations to the refugee invasion. Adrift analyses the timeless concept of migration and group behaviour. It refers to the drifting movement that characterises the migrant's journey and the determination and strength that grows and develops when your house and your neighbourhood have already been disfigured. As writer, critic and poet Ben Clark says “When I first stood in front of one of David de la Mano’s pieces, I couldn’t help but wonder whether I was contemplating an image of a distant future or a distant past. “Adrift” made me think of a world on the edge of our own. A world of lost souls marching without a purpose towards a war that they have already lost.” In celebration of the launch of Adrift, Hang-Up will be exclusively publishing a limited edition screen print that will be hand-finished by David de la Mano in his favoured medium of coffee. In support of the theme of the show, Hang-Up will donate 10% of the profits from sales of this edition to the Refugee Community Kitchen.      


Adrift analyses the timeless concept of migration and group behaviour.


David de la Mano David de la Mano

David de la Mano is a Spanish artist known for his large dystopian murals characterized by monochromatic composition and accumulation of human figures, as well as their strong poetic character. Initially inspired by the artist Blu, he has developed art projects in public spaces ranging from sculpture to installation and land art. David's work can be found across Norway, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Florida, Brazil, Taiwan, Paris, Spain and the UK.  The artist's originals compose of various mediums - his works on paper or canvas are made from materials ranging from pen, watercolours, ink, acrylic and collage.    

Hang-Up Collections Y19.01

Hang-Up Collections Y19.01

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12 Jan – 13 Feb 2019



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