The 'Collections' launched ten weeks ago and since then, we were constantly trying to respond to the challenge we set ourselves - to secure a rotating and exciting exhibitions, which would lift the curtain and unveil the works that we have but have not had the chance to exhibit before. We wanted the Collections to be much more than just a group show. We wanted to give the opportunity for some stellar pieces, such as Sir Peter Blake's 'Girlie Door', Tracey Emin 'Dragonfly', Joe Webb's 'Matisse's Model'; Russell Marshall's diamond dusted 'Elvis Gun Cheque', etc to be shown and enjoyed. 
The exhibit will be on view till the 29th November with a promise for more new works to be seen. So do not miss the opportunity to come and visit. 
You can also browse online and see what we have in house on our website here

The Banksy corner, featuring the rare 'Choose Your Weapon in Slate', 'Queen Victoria' and 'Golf Sale'.

Lauren Baker's beautifully painted Red Deer skull - 'Abyss'. 

The bunker with A.CE, Nancy Fouts, ALO, Faile and Banksy.

We look forward to seeing you at Hang-Up!

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