It appears that Rose's words are now a fact. The increased demand for owning something edgy and ephemeral is now even translated in buying whole brick walls with works on them.

Just last week, the American auction house Julien's announced that they will put for sale a Banksy wall (the so called Flower Girl) at auction in December. The first Banksy wall to be sold in the United States according to the auctioneers.

The piece itself is a relatively early Banksy one and shows the stencilled silhouette of a girl, holding a basket full of flower, looking up at a security camera. A very Banksy work, raising questions on how free the members of a 'free' democratic society are when the whole nation is under heavy surveillance. 

There is, unmistakably, a growing interest in the genre and in Banksy's works. The art market is visible ready to embrace such sort of a transaction where a piece of art, initially drawn or installed on a public wall swiftly changes not only its owner, but  the location of the actual wall as well.  Buying street art is not an illegal action after all. It is, however, debatable whether it is ethical to carve out piece of public art and install it somewhere private. Renowned artist Peter Kennard makes very valid comments on the ethics of selling street art. 

We agree with the elusive artist Banksy that '' Graffiti art has a hard enough life as it is before you add hedge-fund managers wanting to chop it out and hang it over the fireplace...''  That is why street artists keep their gallery and street work separate - to maintain the integrity of the genre and keep it art for the sake of art.

Owning something ephemeral that was never meant to be owned, bought or sold, but was rather created for everyone to share and enjoy, would not increase its intrinsic nor monetary value, regardless of how high its estimate (market value) is. Buying certified works from their authors or on secondary market would.
So let's keep the art on the streets and city walls, where it all started.

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