Leading off this short review is Mark Jenkins's clever work, featuring a cast hyper-realistic character with a fishing rod. 

Below are shots of people trying to snatch the real £20 notes at the end of the fishing wire, that the Shangri-La team put. 

French artist Ludo, well-known for his massive paste-ups that combine the fruits of nature with technological gimmicks and gadgets, delivers this signature piece, part of his 'Nature Revenge' series of works he has been doing for a while. 

Hayden Kays does not disappoint. The artist, who likes to push boundaries, subvert ideas and canon of the Pop Artists from the 1950s and the YBA, responds to mass consumerism and capitalist culture with this tongue in cheek work. 

For those who have not seen or come across the works of London-based illustrator and animator Steve Cutts, Shangri-La was a great introduction to Steve's dark surrealism. The piece references and comments on mainstream culture in a rather dark humour.

The festival gets an unexpected addition - the suitably controversial and provoking sculpture by Banksy, Sirens of the Lambs. 

Short video below. Footage: Caspar Llewellyn Smith.

The multi media collaboration between Laura Little and Jack Short, depicting Michael Eavis as the true leader of the world was worth to be seen.

Glastonbury cannot be real without the touch of New-York based POPaganda creator Ron English.  His piece for the festival this year is a clever hand-painted subversion of Picasso's masterpiece 'Guernica', a monochrome combination of high and low-brow cultural imagery.

Another artist to have his work installed at Shangri-La, is Shepard Fairey through his UK OBEY crew.

We finish this short but sweet report from Shangri-La with Stanley Donwood 'Nether'. What once the artist felt like a 'difficult to get right' painting, become an official festival emblem and image. 

If you have not had the chance to see it in person, you still can - at Hang-Up Gallery or here.


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