Most notable result was achieved for the only stencil on canvas that night - 'Precision Bombing' (2000) and its hefty £40,000 - £10,000 above its high estimate of £30,000. 

Not a bad sum for an editioned canvas, but far from the whooping £1.24m paid in 2008 for 'Keep it Spotless' (an absolute record for a Banksy canvas up to date). 

The editions that got strong results were:

Rude Copper (2002), £32,500

 Christ with Shopping Bags (2004), £22,500

FLower thrower (2003), £20,625

Laugh Now (2004), £20,000

Festival (2006), £20,000

Bomb Middle England (2003), £19,375

Sale Ends (2006), £18,750

CND Soldiers (2005), £17,500

Morons (white) (2007), £16,250

At the further lowest end was 'Silver Flag' with its modest and affordable £3,500.

Since their first appearance in auctions, Banksy's works have always been subject to market speculations. However, the results from that sale clearly indicate 'Banksy's  importance as a figure at the heart of contemporary art with a thriving market and pan-global interest' (Bonhams). 

So yes, the sale might have ended on Wednesday, but surpassing Lazarides 'test of the market', the results demonstrate the current naturally high collectors demand and a steady upward market tendency for a Banksy. For those, who missed the auction, but are interested in owning a piece, you might want to check the Hang-Up stock - we have a lot of the auctioned works available and fully certified. 

Happy art - shopping!  

All auction information via Bonhams, London.  

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