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Tim Fishlock | Repeat After Me

Repeat After Me by Tim Fishlock.

'Repeat After Me', was our inaugural exhibition with Tim Fishlock, who was using the pseudonym Oddly Head at the time. The exhibition introduced the artist's collection of bold, succinct and highly topical text-based artwork. ‘Repeat After Me’ portrayed how our compulsion to create an online second self has prevented our ability to make our own decisions with catastrophic results, a shrewd comment on society’s fragile and daunting state. Highlighted in his repetitive 'ME' pieces, which launched at the show, the artist addressed our uneasy relationship with technology and how we are being subjugated by our own invention. As Fishlock explained, “We are trading privacy and intimacy, companionship and love for a public existence and a virtual thumbs up from people we’ve never met. Keenly aware that we’re being judged on our every pronouncement and every picture we post, we have become absurdly self-absorbed. And who spends more time thinking about themselves and their place in the world than the artist…?” Fishlock's '99 Problems' sculpture series (pictured below), were also a big hit, launching (and instantly selling-out) on the night.

99 Problems which launched on the night - selling out immediately.

David de la Mano | Adrift

David de la Mano at the launch of his show, Adrift.

Next came 'Adrift', the inaugural London exhibition by acclaimed Spanish Street Artist David de la Mano. The multi-faceted exhibition showcased a new collection of acrylic, coffee and inks on canvas and paper by de la Mano. The artist’s monochromic murals that can be found across the globe were brought from the streets into the gallery, with one of the gallery walls painted by the artist himself in his distinctive poetic style. In a world of those forced to flee, of poverty, of war and violence, de la Mano paints his haunting figures as united shadows looking for their place in the world. Boats with broken sails and women with animal heads drift without direction, all linked by an uncertain journey. Adrift analysed the timeless concept of migration and group behaviour. It addressed the drifting movement that characterises the migrant's journey and the determination and strength that grows and develops when your house and your neighbourhood have been disfigured. It was a beautiful show and epic private view night, with proceeds from a new limited edition created for the show and published by Hang-Up, aiding Refugee Community Kitchen.

Adrift by David de la Mano, brought his works from the streets around the globe to our gallery.


Fabiola with a friend at the Private View of TYPE.

TYPE, brought together rare and sought after artworks from some of Britain's most exciting contemporary artists: Harland Miller, David Shrigley, The Connor Brothers and Banksy. The contemporary art world is more dominated by text and narrative than ever. and TYPE showcased the four artists who were and still are influencing this current trend. TYPE also portrayed the incredibly persuasive power of language and British humour in the current art world. Miller, Shrigley, The Connor Brothers and Banksy are prime examples of how artists are using text and black humour to make a statement. These artists cleverly employ sarcasm to portray the absurdity of everyday life. By using text combined with image, they are able to communicate with their audience in ways that are both immediate and subtle. TYPE highlighted the fact that humour, when used correctly, allows artists to not only make us laugh, but shift our perspective on the world.

Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers and David Shrigley on show for TYPE.


Hang-Up celebrates 10 years with the launch of Hang-Ten!

We went big for our tenth birthday celebrations organising a ten-week festival, which included a multimedia group exhibition, exclusive limited releases and a packed events calendar of talks and workshops, and of course, one huge party with free giveaways, food and drinks. Hang-Ten was not only a celebration of ten successful years of Hang-Up, but also the relationships we have built with our artists, team and followers. The exhibition showcased works created by ten of our artists specifically for the show including The Connor Brothers, Joe Webb, kennardphillipps, Lauren Baker amongst others. It was complete with a photo-booth, taco truck and birthday cake for the opening night. Our biggest party to date and certainly a birthday we will never forget.

Tim Fishlock, Mark Powell, Banksy, Kennardphillipps and more at Hang-Ten.

Nina Saunders | Tea with Andy


Nina and Red Saunders pose in front of 'Tea with Andy.'

 'Tea with Andy' officially launched Nina Saunders' brand new print and installation depicting a rare photograph of Andy Warhol, publicly displayed for the first time. It was the perfect Valentines night, full of drinks, cakes and pink hues! For the night we were inspired by the decor of the infamous Ritz Hotel circa 1975 - where Red Saunders (Nina's husband) snapped the original photograph of the King of Pop. Curated around the installation and in keeping with the Valentines theme, was work from the likes of Banksy,Harland Miller, David Shrigley, Lauren Baker, Delphine Lebourgeois, Jeff Koons and The Connor Brothers. It was a perfect night, with the limited edition sold-out on the evening, helping raise funds for the British Heart Foundation as well.


The Hang-Up Team enjoy the installation at the end of the night.



Our final show at the space was INTROVERSION IMMERSION, Tim Fishlock's second solo show at Hang-Up. In the show, the artist questioned and appraised our information-saturated age asking us to confront what the deluge of opinion, narcissism and image overkill is doing to our society. INTROVERSION IMMERSION tackled the dreaded compulsions of social media and our own existential plight with thought-provoking and playful irreverence. Fishlock continued his shrewd comment on the fragile state of society and our place within it through his vibrant, text-based paintings, reflecting on our uneasy relationship with technology and how we are a slave to our own invention. A site-specific installation titled INTROVERSION IMMERSION took over our entire bunker in the form of an enclosed ‘room’ of 72 light boxes ranged floor to ceiling. In the main space, new additions to his SATISFACTORY LIVING series were displayed alongside a heavy punchbag, stitched from rich leather, appliquéd with the word ‘ME’. The very timely exhibition challenged viewers to truly look and think about how we live and was a perfect closing to four amazing years in our Dalston gallery.

Fishlock's immersive, site-specific installation, INTROVERSION IMMERSION, in our bunker.


It truly has been four perfect years. Thank you to everyone so far who has been involved in any way, our artists, collectors and friends for making the last four years at 81 Stoke Newington Road so memorable. We are beyond excited for the next chapter in our new, purpose-built space on Regents Canal, Hoxton. Make sure you are following us to stay updated on the launch of our new space and more. The opening exhibition is set to be our biggest yet...

Till next time,

Hang-Up Team.


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