David De La Mano's wall mural of his characteristic fantastical figures in Salamanca Spain can be seen reflected in his screenprint El Hoyo  and ink drawing El Mito

Space Invader is known for his tiled mosaics which can be found all over the world, the above being in his hometown in Paris. Invader Kit 15 and Space Vibes show his famous pixilated invader on both a tile and screenprint.

Italian artist RUN has spread his large headed figures around a lot of East London, the above being painted in Shoreditch. What Shall We Dance About? and Skema2 show the artists work on both wood panel and rice paper.

Dscreet is another artist who's wide eyed owl is a staple image around the East End. His Love That Never Dies image is available as a glow in the dark print.

Mr Brainwash's Beatles Bandidos paste up in Holborn can also be found as a screenprint as well as his image Anarchy Soldier

Last but not least Banksy is of course known as one of the forerunners of the street art revolution with the market for his works continuously rising. Choose Your Weapon was painted in Camberwell and was one of his last prints to be released.   


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