Hang-Up Gallery is thrilled to announce POP, the highly anticipated exhibition of prints from the undisputed Godfather of Pop, Peter Blake.  The exhibition will showcase a unique and quirky collection of rare prints and canvas editions that the British icon has produced over the decades. 

From pop-inspired pin-up posters to his nostalgic and unusual alphabet series, the show will celebrate the extraordinary and highlight how Peter’s earlier works continue to inspire his current practice. He explains, I’m still making excursions and experimenting.  Going back to the roots, but still moving forwards.’ 

Blake’s love affair and fascination with celebrity icons and all streams of pop culture saw him at the centre of a swinging London in the 60s however, his work predates that era. In the 50s his image of Captain Webb’s matchboxes laid the groundwork’s for the use of blowing up everyday images that Warhol was to popularise a few years later. The artist has a raw talent of finding beauty in everyday objects and surroundings, incorporating printed materials such as photographs, comic strips or advertising texts against bold, vivid colour. 

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