Here is a short visual overview guide of what to expect from Hang-Up Collections

Fully hung, featuring works by Lucas Price, Mudwig, Futura, RUN, Russell Marshall, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Mark Powell, Magnus Gjoen, Kristjana S. Williams, Space Invader, Holly Wales, Rosie Emerson

And in the making. 

Steven prepping the walls for the Space Invader's  ' Hypnosis' , ' Invaded Scream'  and ' Art4Space' invasions. 

Faile's ' Surfers' the Hang-Up way.  

Close-up captions of Mark Powell's intricate ' The Sun Never Sets' biro drawing on vintage newspaper and Rosie Emerson's delicate ' Amber'. 

Johnathan Reiner's ' Totem3 -Fortuna', ' Totem2- Rhea' in the good company of Mark Powell's ' History Lessons'. 


The cheeky Connor Brothers

Word to Mother's ' Rain King' next to Joe Webbcheerful ' Ta DaDa' original collage. 

' Hang-Up Collections'- Volume IIruns from 14th January to 29th March 2015. The cataloguewith all the available works is now online to view too. 

Pop in to see it anytime, we promise you will not be disappointed!

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