Johnathan Reiner wears many hats. The artist, who has qualified to practice as a neurological consultant, is currently working on an all new body of work. It's time we learn about everything that's new with him so without further ado let's hear it from Johnathan himself. Here's... 


5 Questions with | Johnathan Reiner 

Doctor by day and artist by night. Johnathan Reiner with one of his limited editions, Totem V - Devi.      

HU: Your new collection is based on themes of still life and reflections. We would love to hear more about this.


JR: Over the past year I have been exploring different themes and mediums of creative outlet. I have always been fearful of creative failure and am now learning to release such sentiments and connect to the basic joy of creating by experimenting with pastels, acrylic, canvases and paper. during this process I have been pushing my comfort zone from portraiture to still life, a topic I have been ignoring in my creative viewpoint and am now learning to be playful with. I am enjoying the engagement with patterns, geometric shapes and layering which is a solid element in my other works but which is now getting more exposure and attention.
I am also exploring the theme of reflections which can be interpreted as a stencil of reality but which is also an introspective journey of self-knowledge. This duality is translated into work which combines both unpolished free hand drawing and fixed and uber-edited screen print work. the tension between these two styles is creating wonderful errors and mishaps which are taking shape into artwork. Watch this space.

Cosmic Gathering by Johnathan Reiner, screen print on paper with hand-finished gold leaf. 

HU: As an established artist and just qualifying as a Neurological consultant, we are wandering what you wanted to be growing up?


JR: Astronaut first. Then Actor. Then film director. Then photographer. Then scientist. Then neuroscientist. Then doctor. Then artist. Now that I know who I am and what I still want to be, I am hoping to find joy in all spheres.

Limited editions by Johnathan Reiner at Hang-Up.

HU: When you need inspiration, who, what, where do you turn to?


JR: I’ll begin by stating that I LOVE inspiration. Its’ one of my favourite inner feelings alongside creativity and mental and physical health. Inspiration for me comes from both my own imagination, drawing on mental images, memories, ideas and experiences and the outside world with its colours, visuals, perspectives and dynamic nature of it all. I find inspiration from the most mundane things, the texture of a brick wall, a splatter of goo on the sidewalk, a memory of me in a busy junction.

Sandra, mixed media on canvas original by Johnathan Reiner.       

HU: You’ve had some notable experiences including meeting the Dalai Lama! To what extent do your life experiences have an impact on your art?


JR: Life never ceases to surprise me. As I grow older I look back at my experiences and am often amazed that they actually happened to me. That each moment is connected to the next in a swirly narrative. That it was me in the Himalayas as it is me in the scorching Mediterranean sun.
I have for a long time felt like my art is my escape route, my untouched, parallel existence to my mundane life. Over the years, I am learning to open up to the notion that my day to day life and my art life, each contribute to the other, that my art is most probably a direct result of my life experiences.
I think my life in different cultures since childhood, my medical textbooks, my artistic mother, my neuroscientific research of creativity and my travels have opened up my passion for layering textures, mish-mash clashing versus harmonious combinations. That my ‘collagesque’ work is a reflection of my multi-faceted realms.

Johnathan Reiner with our gallery manager, Laura Rivas.  

HU: What has been your proudest moment as an artist?


JR: It remains and probably will always be my first solo exhibition at Hang Up with you lovely people. The sense of novelty, achievement, pride, joy and gratitude remain second to none.
From the opening of Johnathan's solo show 'Femme Fatale' at Hang-Up Gallery. 


Thank you for your time Johnathan. To browse Johnathan Reiner's limited editions and originals click here.

As always, thank you for reading this week's blog. 


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Hang-Up Gallery. 


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