We, at Hang-Up were very excited to hear that Giles Walker was to be a part of the Wondrous Obsessions exhibition. His work stretches across a multitude of mediums to give a visual voice to social issues. He has been a prolific member of guerilla-art group Mutoid Waste Company since the 80's, a performance art group founded in West London.

We will begin at looking at The Last Supper. A fully animated sculpture with characters that interact with each other around a table. Dark, disturbing and humorous, this piece has shown all over the world. The London Science Museum has asked Giles to exhibit this piece for six months commencing in February 2017.

The Last Supper

Check out the video below.

As a robotic specialist, Giles has also been asked to help rebuild Eric, the UK's first robot, and bring him back to life! This is part of a Kick Starter project and London's Science Museum.

As well as bringing robots to life, he creates beautiful, weird and wonderful collages.

Everyone Wants A Piece Of You

Bring In The Screamers

Abandoned Ship

An Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The character's that Giles creates, wether it's bird skulls with human bodies or pole dancers with CCTV heads, there is a great sense of social understanding and creative brilliance.

Communication Breakdown

Peep Show

Not only is Giles a robotanist and artist, he is in a successful Punk band called Ruby Throats. Watch this space for a collaboration between Ruby Throats and stop motion animators Motion Paper Project later this year!

Check out Giles Walker's latest works in Wondrous Obsessions in his catalogue. Click here to view.

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