Last week Dave White's limited edition trainers hit the shelves! This is White's third collaboration with size? since their relationship established in 2010. The new line shows the classic Nike Air Max 95's revamped with White's signature style. The two variations are inspired by pieces from White's 'Albion' collection; 'Fox' and 'Rabbit'. 'Albion' is the oldest known name for Great Britain, and in this collection, Dave celebrates UK wildlife.

Dave White X size? X Nike Air Max 95. Developed from White's 'Fox'.

Fox - Oil on linen

Dave White's work emits movement. Through quick brush strokes and expressive lines, he shows the speed and agility of the animal in his portraits.  Dave White pioneered the 'Sneaker Art' movement in 2002, creating pop art inspired sneaker portraits. From paintings of shoes, Dave's practice smoothly transitioned into painting on shoes! Rumour has it that he is a sneaker collector...

Dave White X size? X Nike Air Max 95. Developed from White's 'Rabbit'.

Rabbit - Oil on linen

Check out the video below on the design process and Dave's passion for UK wildlife!

Here are some of the prints we currently have available at Hang-Up

Eagle - Hand finished giclee with varnish and 24 karat gold leaf detail.

Hummingbird (Pink) - Hand finished giclee with varnish and 24 karat gold leaf detail. 

Gorilla II - Limited edition giclee

Click here to view Dave White's catalogue and available works. Keep an eye out for this weeks #tuesdaytakeover on our Instagram, @hangupgallery, for exclusive snaps of his studio life. If you have any further questions about Dave White, please don't hesitate to drop us an email on or give us a call on +44 (20) 3667 4550. Thanks!

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