The park is filled with creepy and controversial creations by around 50 artists, hand picked by Banksy, including some of our Hang-Up favourites Pure Evil, Kennardphillipps, Polly Morgan, Josh Keyes and James Cauty. There will also be 10 new works by Banksy himself.

In true Banksy style the project has been kept under wraps up until this week, concealing the venue as the film set for the 'Grey Fox' movie. Even the exhibition staff believed they were being hired as extras in the film!

The Hang-Up team were lucky enough to have headed down to Dismaland for the private view last night. There were pirate dj's, African drums, zombie Storm Troopers and many more delinquent details.. Check out the inside scoop from the night! 


Even the staff around the park are in full Dismaland character.


Some of the wicked new works by Banksy, including his paparazzi swarmed wreckage of Cinderella's coach crash, which is also the background for your own photo opportunity as you enter.



Billboard installation by Kennardphillipps



The show is now open until September 27th so don't miss your chance to visit the dark depths of Dismaland !









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