It has been a great year for the incredible Delphine Lebourgeois so far, she has exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Fair twice, has worked with Soho House on some new commissions and is also expanding her practice by working almost exclusively on large-scale originals. Naturally we wanted to hear about it all and get the first look at her recently finished stunning new pieces so we visited her studio and asked about it all.

5 Questions With  Delphine Lebourgeois 

HU: You’ve taken some time to focus solely on creating original drawings. As an artist that has mastered printmaking as well as creating originals, what are some of the challenges you face when working solely on drawings?
DL: Originals are more fun to do because they involve more risk. When starting a new drawing, I often feel like having to learn everything over again. It’s vertiginous and a bit like a tight rope exercise! I end up destroying quite a lot! At the moment, I’m working on some really large pieces which adds to the challenge, but there’s a real satisfaction when they’re done!A new large-scale original in progress...
Preliminary drawings
HU: You exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Fair earlier this year and were also photographed for JR's incredible 'Inside Out' project as part of this. How was the whole experience?
DL: It was my 2nd Brooklyn fair in just a few months, and I love the atmosphere over there. Being part of the JR 'Inside Out' project made the experience extra special. All the artists exhibiting at the fair had their portrait printed on large B&W posters and pasted onto the venue’s facade. A little bit daunting to see your face at this scale, but the end result was striking.

Seeing double: Delphine in front of the artists portraits at the Brooklyn Art Fair as part of JR's 'Inside Out' Project

HU: You were recently commissioned by Soho House to create some beautiful drawings for their first House opening in Paris in 2020. Can you tell us a bit more about this?
DL: I worked with Kate Bryan, the Head of Collections of Soho House, on a couple of occasions in the past for their London’s venues, so when I heard about the new house in Paris, I contacted her to get involved. Fenella Brownlee, the project manager took over when Kate went on maternity leave and she liked the roughs I sent her early July. It was important for me to create something with a French resonance. The 2 drawings I produced are inspired by a French song “Madame Reve” by Alain Bashung.

Delphine's two originals commissioned by Soho House

HU: In your works, we encounter a lot of deceptively rebellious and fierce female characters which contrast your delicate drawing style. Is this juxtaposition significant?


DL: All the women I draw are aggressive and fierce, yet fragile and vulnerable at the same time. This duality is reflected in the way I draw. It’s important for me to create multifaceted images that hold an element of surprise. I also often juxtapose anachronical elements (Renaissance painting meets cartoon characters!) Beyond the playfulness of this “patchwork”, it is a way for me to challenge the different visions of femininity.

A peak in Delphine's drawers... 

HU: What has been your proudest moment as an artist?
DL: Probably my solo show “Prélude” at Jealous last year, and also when one of my works was selected by Amnesty International for the exhibition “People on the move” in Miami.

Installation shot from our visit to Delphine's solo show 'Prelude' at Jealous Galleries  


Thank you Delphine for taking the time to chat with us and showing us your incredible new works. Be sure to check out Delphine Lebourgeois' catalogue of stunning limited editions and originals here. And keep an eye out for her work at a Soho House near you. We are excited to see what's next. 

Thank you for reading. 

Till next time, 

Hang-Up Team

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