David Shrigley's work as both an artist and illustrator is tremendously popular, as demonstrated by his nomination for the Turner Prize following the success of solo show Brain Activity at Southbank's Hawyward Gallery. It is certain that his combination of text and image is a serious hit! With our upcoming exhibition TYPE, which will consist of a series of text-based artworks from prestigious artists including David Shrigley, we have decided to explore his use of text in art... (Click here to RSVP!)

 Above - David Shrigley, Brain Activity. Credit: Linda Nylind.


The current hype around David Shrigley's artwork is huge. This is demonstrated by his new print release by Counter Editions last week... 'Be Nice' was released at 11am on Thursday at £1,800 and within just one hour it was being sold at £6,000! Demand is high!

 Above: David Shrigley, Be Nice


You can find David Shrigley's artwork in many prestigious places. From his huge bronze thumb sculpture, 'Really Good', which sits in the middle of Trafalgar square, to his series of drawings in the most Instagrammed restaurant in the world, Sketch!

 Above: David Shrigley's Really Good . (Credit: Getty images)



An impressive sum of two hundred and thirty nine original drawings line the walls of The Gallery Room in this fantastic restaurant. 


Thanks to @kentandcurwen and @davidbeckham for the lovely threads I wore @sketchlondon last night

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Above: Sketch, The Gallery Room.  


Introducing… Re-presenting… The Gallery but not as you know it! @davidshrigley has transformed sketch for a second time, with 91 new works... bold... colourful... witty as ever... @indiamahdavi has re-modelled the world-renowned pink décor, creating once again a unique backdrop for David Shrigley’s new body of work... #sketchGallery #new #fresh #pink @stephenfriedmangallery

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Above: David Shrigley, Life is Fantastic


Text has always been dominant in Shrigley's work. In an video made in 2010 by Tim Noakes, 'David Shrigley - Welcome to My Studio', he said "I am more of a writer than I am an artist, perhaps." This is evident when looking at his collection of books, which he began making soon after he left Glasgow School of Art in 1988. 

Shrigley altered his drawings to create more of a narrative, which he describes in an interview with the National Gallery of Victoria (below) as being "a more formal cartoon thing." He continues to explain, "Images that we are surrounded by are all surrounded by text these days. It is a mode one is instinctively familar with." Check out the interview below!


David Shrigley, Artist Interview - National Gallery of Victoria (2014)

David Shrigley Artist Interview - National Gallery of Victoria


Why does Shrigley employ text?

You'd assume that Shrigley uses text to project what he wants to say in a blatant way, right? Not neccessarily!

Interestingly, instead of using text and image to assist one another in directing a clear understanding of the meaning, he says that his pictures do not function to illustrate the text. He explains in the above interview that he is "interested in some slippage of meaning between image and text". Shrigley likes the potential of having multiple understandings of his work. Sometimes, the image and text in his drawings do not relate, which perhaps adds to the humour... 

Above: David Shrigley, Time Out London, The Art Issue 

Above: Courtesy of David Shrigley and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London


Text is dominant in many Contemporary artists work today. Not only David Shrigley, but artists including Harland Miller, the Connor Brothers and Banksy also use text frequently.


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This print by Harland Miller grabs the attention of many... We can see why! ‘Happiness: The Case Against’ 😍🙌🏼

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With all this text-talk in mind... Hang-Up are very excited for our upcoming exhibition, TYPE. This show will consist of a range of text based artworks by sought after artists David Shrigley, Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers and Banksy. Be sure to RSVP for the private view evening, HERE! It is not one to be missed. 

Any quesions or queries give us a call on 02036674550 of drop us an email at info@hanguppictures.com!

Thanks for reading this weeks blog. 


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