Opening tonight, Wieden + Kennedy London's new exhibition space, The Cole, plays host to a debut show from young artist Alex Daw...

Wieden + Kennedy has developed its new multi-functional events space in The Old Truman Brewery in east London as part of its own extensive workspace expansion.

Pamela by Alex Daw

The aim is to use The Cole as a venue for showing the results of collaborations with creative partners and, tonight, Cut Out & Keep opens in conjunction with Hang-Up, the online gallery that represents the work of emerging artistic talent. Hang-Up also source limited edition prints by a range of artists that are available to buy on their website,

Alex Daw, whose work is showing until 29 November, uses cut-up magazines and paint to create a range of glossy, reassembled pictures, which are exhibited on canvas and glass. According to Hang-Up, "in an age of digital dominance, with traditional objects such as books and magazines being phased to cyberspace, Daw attempts to retain some form of aesthetic tradition, concentrating on the physical beauty of a soon to be forgotten art form."

Anyone up for celebrating the beauty of the magazine is OK by us (even though he does seem to enjoy cutting them up a bit too much).

Cut Out & Keep is at The Cole Building, Wieden + Kennedy, 16 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR.

By Mark Sinclair, Creative Review

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