Banksy really pulls all the stops with ''Better In than Out'' . There are the thought-provoking, good stencils, the provocation and subtle commentary on graffiti ('You're looking at a type of picture called graffiti, from the Latin 'graffito;, says the audio guide, accompanying the images on his website), its short life span; on  art in public spaces and in galleries

This second piece that reads '' This is my New York accent'' and in finer font ... normally I write like this'' is a fine commentary on the culture of tagging.

It is good to see that after nearly a year off active work on the streets, Banksy is back and his works are still as witty and valid as they have always been. The difference is perhaps the level of public interaction and intervention, which was logically predicted by the artist and playfully recorded on the short audio guide: ''Before you, you will see a 'spray art' by the artist Ban-sky. Or maybe not; it's probably been painted over by now.''

This piece, which is the first in the series, lasted only a day before it was damaged and tagged, and had its sign saying ''Graffiti Is a Crime'' removed and later on completely painted over. It is not clear who went over the piece. Some of the suggested speculations were it is the work of local taggers or the city officials.  I guess Banksy is a prophet after all. 

Image via Vandalog ( courtesy of the L.I.S.A. Project)

Image via the Independent

We are not sure if any of the pieces will last more than a day, but we are certain that Banksy has clearly gave an answer to the never-stopping question: ''What's next for Mr.B?'' 

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