Banksy took to instagram today to propose a replacement for Bristol’s Edward Colston statue. As Black Lives Matter demonstrations take place around the world and in the UK, protestors in Bristol toppled a statue commemorating 17th century slave trader Edward Colston and plunged it into the nearby river.

The historic moment Bristol protesters throw Colston's statue in the river 

As discussions have turned to what should be put in its place Banksy demonstrated his idea with a simple sketch. “Here’s an idea that caters for both those who miss the Colston statue and those who don’t,” the artist wrote. “We drag him out the water, put him back on the plinth, tie cable round his neck and commission some life size bronze statues of protestors in the act of pulling him down. Everyone happy. A famous day commemorated.”

Bansky's sketch demonstrates how Bristol protestors' actions could be commemorated

Bansky showed his support for the movement in an Instagram post on Saturday as well, which included a new painting and a short piece of text. You can read more about it here. As always thanks for reading. If you are looking for a new Banksy for your collection or have one to sell, don't hesitate to visit our Banksy page.

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