Below is a list that the staff at Hang-Up HQ have put together of some our favorite Bansky works from over the last decade.

Its hard to narrow it down too much but the fifteen below we thought worthy of inclusion.

Feel free to comment and add your own!

1) MOCA ART IN THE STREETS, Los Angeles, California, 2011


3) BUSH, Canonbury, London, England, 2012

4) PALESTINE CHAIR, Palestine, 2005

5) DOCTOR LOVES NY, New York, 2011

6) GLOBAL WARMING, Camden, London, England , 2009

7) SWEEPING MAID, Camden, London, 2006

8) SCREAMING CHILD AND MOUSE, , New Orleans, 2008.

9) NO BALL GAMES, London, England, 2009

10) NO TRESPASSING, San Francisco, 2010

11) PARK, New York, 2010

12) PENIS PAINTER,Victoria Park London, England, 2009

13) QUEEN'S GUARD PISSING, London, 2004

14) YELLOW FLOWER LINES, Hackney London, 2007

15) SMILING PHONE BOX, 2008, New York

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