King Robbo’s iconic ‘Robbo inc’ piece has returned to Regents Canal, Camden, albeit in a slightly difference guise.  This wall is where the Banksy v King Robbo feud was spectacularly ignited nearly two years ago with Banky’s notorious  ‘modification’ of King Robbo’s iconic Robbo inc piece which was, at the time, 25 years old.  In the intervening period this feud has been much scrutinised within both the street art and graffiti scenes as well as the mainstream media.

The new piece appeared on Wednesday evening and although carries all the hallmarks of Banksy has not actually been acknowledged as such on his website but insiders are saying that it is the work of the street artist Banksy. Robbo is widely reported to still be gravely ill in hospital and this piece could therefore represent Banksy reaching out and ‘lighting a candle’ for King Robbo, effectively appealing for the feud to be put to rest.



 Pictures courtesy of Street Art London




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