Banksy's piece entitled 'Bomb Damage' and inspired by Rodin's work 'The Thinker' was the subject of an unfair sale made by a local buyer in Palestine just few days ago. 

The graffiti piece was painted over a month ago on a door, what remained of Mr Darduna's family home. The father of six claimed to have been tricked into selling the door to a group of men pretending to be part of Banksy's crew and that the door was going to a Museum in Gaza as part of a collection... 

As mentioned in its website, when the BBC contacted the buyer of the Niobe picture he insisted the purchase was legal and refused to comment further. Only last month Banksy flew to Palestine and released a two minute video with the aim of highlighting the plight of its residents. He left a message on a wall saying:

While Banksy's ongoing attempt to raise the world's awareness on the situation in Gaza seems to work, it also underlines the urge to define what can be legally sold from what should be kept in its original surrounding. 

Banksy - Original wall 'Flower Thrower' in Palestine which inspired the well known 'Love is in the air' print | Palestine

Banksy - Original wall 'Stop & Search' which inspired the famous print with the same title | Palestine

Banksy's claim that the entire world looks at kittens on the internet was indeed correct...


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