Hang-Up Gallery has specialised in Banksy since 2008. We’ve grown to become the world's largest dealer in authentic limited edition Banksy prints.

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Why buy Banksy?

"Banksy prints that were selling for $6,000 to $8,000 four years ago are now going for $20,000 to $30,000."

New York Times, 2016

"Subsequent to 2006, his art escalated in value faster than pretty much any substance known to man.", 2016

Why buy from Hang-Up?

Banksy Specialists since 2008

At Hang-Up we have been collecting and subsequently dealing in Banksy prints for the best past of a decade. In that time we have firmly established ourselves as one of the world's largest online dealers in his work. Staff at the gallery are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced in dealing Banksy's – every print in the Banksy Editions Guide (with the exception of just two) have passed through the gallery at some stage.

Unrivalled Worldwide Network

We have Banksy clients in over 25 counties worldwide from the Philippines to Peru and Seol to Stockholm.  Our unrivalled Banksy network includes private collectors, independent dealers, galleries, art advisories and auction houses enabling us to track down rare Banksy works for our clients.

100% Genuine Guarantee

All the Banksy works offered by Hang-Up are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and all are sold with COA (Certificates of Authentication). We will not sell signed Banksy prints without full Pest Control certification so you can be reassured that when dealing with Hang-Up, you get the real deal.

Signed vs Unsigned Prints?

Signed Banksy Prints

The signed prints tend to be smaller edition sizes. They are hand signed by Banksy and are more collectible and coveted because of this. The signature though increases the collectibility and desirability of the work hugely: "It’s a further stamp of authenticity and one that comes at a price" says Hang-Up Director Ben Cotton. "A signed Banksy print is typically worth 3-4 times that of an unsigned". The difference in price is great but for many a Banksy purist signed prints are the only option. That said there are also collectors who would rather have multiple unsigned prints than one signed. If you buy one and change your mind it is not a problem as we offer a full consignment service called Match where we can re-sell the Banksy work for you.

Unsigned Banksy Prints

Banksy editions tend to be made up of a proportion of signed and unsigned prints. The edition sizes will vary depending on the image, typically however an overall run would be of 750 prints. 150 from the run will be signed and numbered with the remaining 600 numbered with no signature. This may sound a lot but when you compare it to how many collectors out there are wishing to own one of these we can assure you from the emails and phone calls we receive that it is not! 

Aside from the signature there is generally nothing to separate the prints in appearance or quality from being signed or unsigned. Both are genuine limited edition Banksy prints and both highly collectible.

Which Print?

Banksy Editions Guide

With in excess of 70 different Banksy prints now published this guide has been put together as a collectors resource to help both the seasoned and aspiring Banksy buyers make the right choice in which print to buy and/or invest in. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information is correct, very little data exists on some of the earlier prints so if you spot an inaccuracy, please contact us.

Hang-Up Rat Ratings

We have been selling Banksy editions for over eight years and have come across pretty much all of them in this time. Hang-Up Rat Rating is our straightforward classification system, between 1-6. The higher the number of rats the more desirable and sought after the image is. And as a general rule the more expensive it will be as a result.

A Collector's Resource

The Banksy Editions Guide lists every Banksy print officially published with details on the edition size, signature and numbering information as well as variants such as artists proofs.

Banksy Editions Guide >


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