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Mark Vessey

Mark Vessey Mark Vessey

Mark Vessey is a British photographic artist whose work is inspired by the idea of creating art from collections of everyday objects. He spends his life searching for that elusive edition of a magazine; that one book that will make his collection complete. He explores every facet of them with an intensity that only a collector can.  His ongoing body of work is called Collections. It takes inspiration from Vessey’s love of vintage magazines like The Face and Playboy, as well as groundbreaking contemporary titles like Attitude. Vessey also celebrates one of the enduring icons of the publishing world the Penguinpaperback book. Individually, these publications are a snapshot in time. When put together in physical and photographic form these collections take on new meaning. After all, this is a time when catalogues of books can be held on a Kindle, when ownership of a vast music collection is just a monthly subscription away.  



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